Luck Be A Lady


But she’s so much more than that. She’s smart. She’s strong. She’s probably been there, done that. And in this case, she’s a marketing professional who’s looking for the right agency for her brand.  That’s Jane, Atlanta’s premier female-run agency for female-owned, -managed, and -focused brands. Lucky you!


On our male colleagues...

We dearly enjoy the company of men. We even employ a few. But at the risk of sounding unladylike, let’s be honest: There are too many Dicks in this business (both anatomically and attitudinally). Less than 3% of creative directors are women. Only about 5% of women run a business as CEO.  And sometimes, the people that end up running the show tend to be more focused on what’s in the mirror than on your brand. We think that’s a shame. Not only does it mean that the glass ceiling is real for our sex…   it means it’s probably affecting your business as well.