Being a Lady is Good Business

We formed Jane because we believe in women and the brands they manage. And because as women we need to stick together. When you work with us, you’ll notice a refreshing difference in our approach. We listen to you. We want to understand you and your brand. And we know that for your brand to grow stronger it must be nurtured. It’s an approach that comes naturally to us. And it’s just plain good business when it comes to serving female–focused brands.


A brand is nothing without the "BRA"

We’re dead serious. Just a quick rundown of the stats makes it clear that girls run this world. Women control:

· 80% of consumer spending
· 50% of all personal wealth
· 91% of all home purchases
· 75% are primary shoppers for their households
· 70% of all travel decisions

Nearly half of women surveyed say that marketers don't understand them. This is a huge opportunity that most marketers and agencies still don’t get. With the right support your brand can be your target’s first choice.